Monday, January 02, 2006

The Sign Of The Cross

We have some prayers that we say at certain times, like The Sign of the Cross. It is the first sign that is made on us at Baptism and the last sign when we die. We use it at the beginning and end of prayers and The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

We call the Sign of the Cross a blessing. It shows how God blesses us and it is something we do to show our belief in God. When we bless ourselves with the Sign of the Cross we remember God who blesses us: the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We trace a cross on ourselves, the cross of Jesus, to remember the blessing of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus died on the Cross because He loved us so very much. By making this holy sign on our forehead, heart and our shoulders, we remember that we are blessed in mind, heart and in everything. This prayer reminds us that each and every day that God is always with us, in the good times and bad.

This is how we make and pray The Sign Of The Cross

We open our right hand and touch our forehead and say:

"In the name of the Father"

By saying this we pray

Bless me God
bless me in every way
bless me everyday
bless what I say
bless what I do
bless what I think
bless what I see
bless what I hear

Then we touch our heart with our right hand and say

"and of the Son."

By saying this we pray

Bless me Jesus,
Bless my heart
Help me to love everyone.

Then we touch our shoulders left then right while saying:

"and of the Holy Spirit"

By saying this we pray

Bless me sweet Holy Spirit
Guide me
Protect me
Use me

Then we say


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