Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Learning to use your Bible

A bible verse citation tells us how to find a particular reading in the bible. There are three steps to finding the passage we want to read.

1John 4: 8

Step one

We must first find the book of the Bible that the scripture verse is in. The book is highlighted in red. Using this example, 1John4:8, we want to find the First book of John. This is one of the books of the New Testament.

Step two

We then turn to the chapter in the book. This is the first number after the book, it is highlighted in green. So in our example, 1John4:8, we are looking for chapter 4.

Step three

Let’s find the verse. The verse is the second number after the book and is separated by a colon (:). In our example 1John4:8, we are looking for the eighth verse.

So what does it say? God is love!

So now we know how to find passages in the bible. Remember to read your bible everyday, these are the words of God!

Here are a few passages that have very important messages for us:

Acts 16: 31
Ephesians 6: 1
Exodus 20: 8
Exodus 20: 12
Isaiah 43: 5
John 15: 5
Matthew 5: 14
Matthew 6: 33
Psalm 3: 5
Psalm 27: 14
Psalm 34: 9
Psalm 34: 14
Psalm 118 :1
Psalm 127: 3

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