Friday, August 25, 2006

A Friend in Need

"I tell you, use the riches of this world to help others.
In that way, you will make friends for yourselves..."

Luke 16:9

We all want to have good friends. But do you know that we must first be a good friend. When we use what we have to be helpful and kind to others they will remember our kindness. There are many ways we can use the riches of the world to help others. Sometimes people just need someone to take the time to be their friend. God will show us when someone is in need of a good friend. He will also show us how to help them. We need to watch for the chances God gives us to do good for others. We will have many friends when we become a good friend.

Father God,

Guide me in what I should do to help others. Thank You for my friends. Help me understand how to be a good friend. I want to see others with the eyes and ears of my heart and not judge others.


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